Study Shows Cannabis Often Helps With Alcohol And Other Drugs

He ‘d been consuming a fifth of bourbon a day for many years. As you ‘d think, his liver was a mess, and his thinking was clearly impaired. I couldn’t assist but question just how much better his health would have been (and how much cash he might have conserved) if he ‘d utilized marijuana rather. Naturally, if I ‘d suggested that he switch to a much safer drug, my manager would have berated me so loudly that everybody in the clinic would have needed to cover his ears. There was little evidence to support this practice, no matter what does it cost? I believed it may help.


The concept remains questionable, replacing cannabis for drugs that cause more damage has a ton of benefits. It can certainly be less expensive, much easier on the body, and less impairing. Harvard teacher Lester Grinspoon mentioned this concept years ago. I should get 2 e-mails a week from people who swear by the practice, however private cases barely count as engaging proof. Real individuals with genuine problems do everything that they can to tackle their troubles, no matter exactly what the released research study may state.


Years after I left internship, Dr. Amanda Reiman revealed that numerous customers of the Berkeley Patients’ Group used the plant to decrease or stop their usage of other substances. The apparent next step would be a randomized scientific trial. Folks with drug issues would be randomly appointed to get treatment as normal or to use marijuana exclusively rather. We ‘d follow up with them later and see how they were doing. Then we ‘d know if the treatment was useful. It would take some money to provide the treatment they required, but no matter how the experiment ended up, we ‘d know something very important.


If I ‘d called the National Institute of Health to pitch this concept, they ‘d probably have laughed their heads off. They ‘d have said that everyone understands that you cannot deal with alcohol addiction with cannabis. I ‘d have discussed Dr. Reiman’s study. They would have stated that it was just one sample, and they were all from the exact same location, so no dice.

For this reason, we desired to know if more medical marijuana patients made equivalent claims. My prestigious colleagues contacted over 400 medical cannabis clients who were patrons of four different dispensaries in British Columbia. (I was simply the data monkey on this job. Once New york city state becomes more informed about medical marijuana, I’ll be more help.) Over 75% of these folks said that they used cannabis in location of some other drug. Changing prescription drugs was the most typical practice (68%), but lots of used the plant rather of alcohol (41%) and illegal drugs (36%). (Participants might report more than one drug for alternative, so the overalls don’t equivalent 100%.)


We now have actually numerous people reporting that they can use marijuana rather of drugs that trigger more harm. People who utilize alcohol or other drugs problematically frequently balk at treatments that require complete abstaining. Who might show up for treatment if patients understood that they could use marijuana as part of the program? Possibly they ‘d run into problem with the plant. However maybe they ‘d have healthy, efficient, enjoyable lives. They ‘d definitely have less issues if they laid off stimulants, alcohol, or opiates. How about it? Exactly what will it take to get a harm decrease program going where folks can utilize marijuana rather of controlled substances? I hate to believe that the world might never know.

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