BC Sets Weed Consumption Age to Nineteen

VANCOUVER, British Columbia– The Vancouver Sun reported that the Canadian province will allow adults 19 years of age and older to legally purchase leisure marijuana next year. Canada plans to legislate Cannabis Edibles & Marijuana Products next July and the government exposed regulation information regarding rules and legislative modifications required yesterday.


Solicitor-General Mike Farnworth told journalism “There’s a lot of work that has to be done legislatively.” He included that setting the age at 19 secures young folks from the unlawful market. “We understand that the largest customers of marijuana are young individuals. If you set it too expensive, for example at 25, you’re not getting rid of the black market since they’re going to go and get it elsewhere,” he said. The province designed its policies on other provinces that aligned their own marijuana laws with existing alcohol and tobacco laws.


The Canadian federal government will monitor cannabis growing, laboratory testing and quality control. Canadian provinces will be accountable for all marijuana sales, distribution and law enforcement.


Legislation is still being composed on the list of policies. It remains to be seen if individuals will be allowed to grow any marijuana plants in their residence or on their property for their own usage. Manitoba has actually currently banned anyone from growing cannabis for individual usage. Public of Cannabis Edibles & Marijuana Products consumption is likely to be prohibited other than in designated locations.


Both personal and public merchants will be permitted once legalization is carried out, however more information relating to guideline were not yet readily available. It is also uncertain whether distribution will take location in pharmacies and liquor stores. Liberals in the legislature are promoting a timely resolution on sales regulations. The federal government’s completed guidelines are anticipated to be launched by next February.


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