5 Ways To Smoke Weed For Noobies

If you’ve been smoking weed for a while, you might be familiar with a few various approaches that are out there. However, those of you who are new to cannabis– bear in mind! There’s far more than just joints or bongs, as we will discover. Buckle up and get some flower prepared, due to the fact that we’re going to evaluate 5 ways to smoke weed!


Sure, this one is an offered. You can typically purchase them at your dispensary under the expensive name “pre-roll,” but a joint is a joint. Broken down flower lines a smoking paper = Marijuana Joints. They can be handy for consuming on the go, and can even offer entertainment– try having a contest with buddies to see who can roll the greatest one. All in all they are the most recognized way to smoke weed

Hand Pipes

Numerous knowledgeable smokers note this as one of their favourite ways to smoke weed. It’s compact, finishes the job, and in numerous methods is very artistic. A hand pipe uses a small chamber for your flower and a mouthpiece that permits you to breathe in. Lots of hand pipes come in special designs and are quite economical.


One of the easiest methods to smoke weed, a vaporizer is gentle on your lungs. By heating the weed simply enough, you get all the benefits of the herb without the additional toxins. Vaping provides you a smooth smoke and is offered in very discreet devices. Keep in mind, smoking is still smoking, so don’t let a vape fool you into believing otherwise.

You remain in a pinch? Attempt making your own gadget!

At a good friend’s house? Get an apple or make a Gravity Bong. Near the grocery shop? A wide variety of products there will do the trick. Keep in mind, the fundamentals of smoking require a holding chamber for your weed, a method for you to warm it, and a way to breathe in the smoke. Inspect these off the list and you’re in company, however makeshift it may be. Pipes Ok, let’s use the real name we call them: bongs. Everyone remembers their first bong.

Bong – It uses water

to assist cool the smoke and is more mild than a hand pipeline or joint. The jury is still out as far as health advantages though, so use a bong with caution. Make sure to clean them thoroughly too, since bong water can get fairly cool!

Other Ways To Smoke Weed

These five approaches definitely aren’t the only alternatives out there, as smoking weed can take numerous shapes and forms. The good news is, making use of marijuana extends beyond smoking. A heap of delicious edibles, easy to use focuses, or even topical products can all assist you to obtain high with no smoke included.

The next time you’re looking for ways to smoke weed, try among the choices above, or explore your horizons into other locations that may work even much better or use a various set of impacts. Fortunately there’s no one method to smoke weed, as the choices are almost unlimited!

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