5 Stonerhacks: Ways To Grind Weed Without A Mill

You just got a dank nug and you’re ready to smoke. The only issue is that you do not have a mill on hand. Of course, you could always use your hands to grind up the bud. That will leave your fingers smelling like hashish and it might be something you do not want.

What do you do?

Well, there are lots of typical things you can utilize to grind weed without using a mill. Today we’ll be diving into a list about the best ways to grind weed without a mill.


Yes, maybe it’s not the very best technique to grinding weed, but it works! With scissors, you merely have the continue chopping the weed into smaller bits and ultimately you’ll have grinded weed ready to be smoked. Doing this over a notepad will make sure that all the good little trichomes will drop onto the paper that you can then insert into your joint.

NOTE: Some people likewise use a shot glass rather of a paper. I prefer the paper because I can get every last bit of it into a joint.


"Bud Buster"

This is certainly not my preferred technique because it turns the weed into powder. Nevertheless, if you have a huge stash and wish to grind a lot of it without twisting your arm off, using a mixer is killer! I generally just utilize a mixer when I’m making edibles, however there has been the periodic joint I rolled from mixed weed.It’s not the very best mill for sure, but it gets the task done!


A Kitchen area Knife

Wait … WHAT? Yes, similar to the scissors approach, utilizing a knife to chop the weed works just. Simply go out a cutting board and start chopping. Eventually you’ll break the weed down into smidgens which quickly fits into your joint or bowl.


a Pill Bottle and Coins

I personally don’t like this method due to the fact that … cash is unclean. Of course, you could soak the penny or whatever little coin in alcohol initially to sanitize, but still.

It works however you’ll be doing some serious shaking. Essentially, you’ll want to place the weed into the tablet bottle, close it with a cent or dime with the weed and shake what yo’ mom offered ya’!

After having a pseudo-epileptic fit you ought to have broken down weed all set to be loaded into your bowl or joint.


Just utilize your damn Hands already!

If all of the above pointed out techniques are too fancy for you, simply grind the weed with your fingers. Get your hands dirty! If your fingers smell like weed, there is something called soap and water that can quickly treat that situation.

Your fingers will do a fantastic task at breaking down the weed and the palm of your hand acts as a ‘bud holder’. To be truthful, this is what the majority of stoners do when they do not have a mill– THEY END UP BEING THE MILL!

And there you have it, a few various methods you can grind weed without a mill.

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