How Can You Identify Moldy Weed?

There are two various times when moldy weed can strike: when you are smoking it when you are growing it. Whether you are growing it or smoking it, mold in your pot can have some major implications. Undoubtedly, one musty plant might ruin your whole harvest, and one moldy joint can have destructive results on your lungs.

Rest easy; we have your back covered for both scenarios. We’ll walk you through the telltale signs of moldy weed, both in the grow space and in your bong. On top of laying out how to correct the mold development, we’ll discuss in detail why it’s never ever a great idea to continue growing or taking in mold infested marijuana.

Mold in Your Joint

A dense, juicy bud is the best little environment for mold to form. Mold likes wet, dark places and access to plant matter which it can take in. There are millions of different sorts of mold, mildew, yeast, and fungus found all over the world. While some are incredibly useful for people, like some antibiotics, others are extremely hazardous like mycotoxins.

Not all molds will grow on plant matter (like weed), however many can and do. Not all processing centers were developed equal, and there is constantly a possibility that the marijuana was harvested currently infected, or not permitted to cure appropriately later. Dispensaries might also be the culprit, perhaps they did not deal with and package in a completely dry environment.

Another potential location of contamination is your own handling of the product. When was the last time you cleared out your trick weed smoking box!.?.!? Is your house warm, and dry all the time? How old is your weed? There are many locations where your pot could enter into contact with mold spores.

Why is Mold Unhealthy to Breathe In?

Unfortunately for us, the healthy versions of mold that are so essential for the production of cheese, beer, and other tasty mixtures do not grow on cannabis. Instead, potentially harmful fungus has the tendency to find its house there, which is horrible news for our health.

Mold, fungus, and mildew are found all over the world, even in the harshest environments. That indicates some spores will make it through after blazing up a musty joint. They will live long enough to enter into your body and take home in your lungs. Some may even enter your blood stream.

As soon as rather, molds can wreak havoc throughout your body, especially if your body immune system isn’t up to snuff. Eventually, they might begin to cause flu-like signs like coughing, running nose and sneezing. If left neglected, mold set off diseases can even put you in the health center.

The craziest part about moldy weed is that we’ve all probably smoked some. Nearly all plant matter will have some residues of tiny mold spores present. This translates to most likely all bud containing a little bit of mold. Luckily, most of the time, the spores will not make it through the journey into our lungs, or our immune system quickly eliminates them off.

Ways to Tell if You are Smoking Moldy Weed

Take an excellent long appearance at that flower in your hand. Do you know the best ways to tell if it’s moldy or not? Don’t worry if you have actually never asked yourself this question previously, because we are here to help with a few critical indications for musty marijuana.

  1. Smell: You know precisely how weed is expected to smell, powerful, skunky, maybe a little hint of flavor. Each stress has a special aroma, but it needs to constantly smell excellent. Similar to you can open the container of orange juice in the fridge, take a whiff and instantly smell its gone off, weed should have the very same reaction. If you smell your bud and it smells rotten, sour, or otherwise off, the very best bet is to toss it out. Don’t put your health at threat.
  2. Color: Color is another key indicator, have you taken the time to analyze the color of your gram of weed!.?.!? Mold isn’t constantly detectable by color, as often the spores haven’t developed enough. If you see any white spots or white powder it might indicate a huge issue. Another visible indication is a grey, white, or black furry substance on the outside of your weed. Dump it if you see any of these signs.
  3. Responses: If you chose to smoke up after carefully checking the color, and taking a whiff, there is one last way to inspect if your weed is musty. Always focus on your physical response.
    Every grower’s headache is walking into the grow room and finding mold on a plant. Weed growing in the jungle versus growing in the dry California mountains will have extensively differing mold issues. The moral of the mold story is that all mold is bad news when it comes to weed.

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