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Canadian Weed Measurements – Know Your Ganja Weights

Weed Flowers in Jar

An “eighth,” a “G,” a “quarter”– you’ve probably heard all these phrases in terms of Canadian Weed measurements, but what does it mean? There’s a lot about marijuana that’s changed over the years as legalization becomes more widespread. However, the terms we use for quantities and selling have pretty much stayed the same from the […]

7 Things You Should Know About Cannabis Leaves

Thanks to archaeologists, we now know that marijuana has a long history of use as a medicine. There are cave paintings from Japan from the Jomon duration with images of marijuana leaves. There are hieroglyphs from 1400 B.C.E Egypt showing an ancient goddess holding the infamous leaf. Cannabis leaves are so popular, it leaves little […]

10 Things The Lonesome Stoner Loves

For a great deal of people, smoking weed is an enjoyable social activity that they take part in with good friends to accompany a night out. However, having a toke alone can be a terrific opportunity for relaxation, self-questioning, and creative work. Numerous tokers understand this, however if you’ve never taken the time to have […]

Marijuana vs Alcohol: 10 Reasons That Weed Is Better Than Alcohol

It can be tempting to compare alcohol use to cannabis usage. Both are rather illicit compounds that have gone through periods of prohibition and appeal. Surprisingly, though alcohol intake has been completely normalized by our society, weed is, in practically every way, a much safer and much better option. Here are 10 reasons weed need […]