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How Do I Prevent or Eliminate Cancer Cells?

How Do I Prevent or Eliminate Cancer Cells? Marijuana And Coconut Oil. People have been utilizing and cultivating marijuana(marijuana)for a range of functions for centuries. In fact, the earliest written record of marijuana for medical functions dates back to 2727 B.C. by the Chinese Emperor, Shen Nung. Ancient Egyptians used it to treat glaucoma and […]

23 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Marijuana

States around Canada southern neighbour the US — 29 of them, plus Washington DC– have legalized medical marijuana. Canada’s neighbour mainly supports the legalization of medical marijuana. A minimum of 84% of the public thinks the drug ought to be legal for medical uses, and recreational pot use is less controversial than ever, with a […]

3 Lethal Pharmaceuticals that Could be Replaced by Medicinal Marijuana

1. Opioid-Based Painkillers So why is Big Pharma investing millions of dollars every year in investigating and producing its own marijuana-based pain medication? Due to the fact that Big Pharma acknowledges medical cannabis beats typical medications in lots of methods, and the prescriptions drug business do not wish to be left when this is recognized […]